The Outlook on the Economy

Reasons to move your money to safety.
Baby boomers and retirees have graduated from the accumulation stage of their lives to the preservation and distribution stages of their lives. In the event of another financial crisis like the one in 2008, many people in these age categories do not have the time to recover from a financial loss. As people age, physical and financial lifestyles  gradually reduce. So why do so many people continue to keep a disproportionate amount of their life savings at risk? 
The answer is quite logical.  Most people rely solely on their financial advisors. Their goal is quite clear.  Speculate with their client's savings and get compensated by the activity on the trades. That is how they are compensated.  
Too many people view their advisors as their advocates instead of what they really are — salespeople!  Please don’t get me wrong, “nothing happens unless something is sold”. However, selling potential clients on the promise of high returns is gambling with their savings.  As clients approach retirement their risk should be decreased otherwise your client's best interests are NOT being served. 
Your Broker and the market have a place in your financial life, but the amount must be within the context of a retirement plan that reflects your values, tolerance for risk, and your expected lifespan.  
Take a look at what is going on in the United States right now.
We are over $17,000,000,000  in debt. The cost of this debt is over $2,000,000 a minute!
The answer is to simply print more money with only an IOU. The United States can continue to print money only as long as the dollar is the world currency. Many countries have made agreements to accept each other’s currency, The International Monetary Fund held meetings to discuss a new global currency. China, the largest creditor of the United States, is quietly buying gold and urging their citizens to buy gold as a safe haven. China has the power to require all of its citizens to turn over their gold to the government. China is trying to back all of its currency by gold in an attempt to make their currency the global currency. If that were to happen, the United States will probably see a major market crash and out of control inflation.
The United States government wants you to believe that our economy is great. They say our unemployment is the lowest it has been in years. Our government does not include people who have given up on work, people who work part-time, people who are underemployed and people who have had their unemployment benefits expire.
The government continues to implement quantitative easing in order to give the economy the illusion of robust growth and stability. This debt is causing inflation. You may hear inflation is very slight, but don’t believe it. Food and gas is not included in the calculation. If you don’t believe me, buy groceries and fill up your tank with gasoline.
Russia is openly flaunting their global influence. The arab countries are in civil wars. Iran is on the verge of finishing their nuclear weapons. Terrorism is active all over the world. Many european countries are on the verge of bankruptcy. Protests are becoming common all over the world including the United States.
Our interest rates are extremely low and they have begun to rise. The low interest rates were an attempt to stimulate the economy. Try to get a mortgage or a loan for a new business. Banks have tightened up on their loans. Gold and silver are becoming popular with many people because the faith in the dollar is diminishing rapidly. Big corporations are still moving overseas because of the high tax rates in the United States, although that will decrease with the new tax cuts.   
Many cities are going bankrupt because of their overwhelming debt. Cities and states cannot print money like the federal government. Almost every state is broke. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is still having a detrimental effect on our economy. College graduates will probably be able to eliminate their debt if the government gets its way. The debt will roll up to us, the taxpayers!  More people are on food stamps and welfare than ever before.
I can go on and on but the message should be clear by now. What alternative is there without risking money? Savings accounts pay almost zero.


Fortunately there is an answer. But you need an advocate whose interests and compensation don't come from creating further risk to your savings.   
You should look for an advisor that specializes in retirement planning who can give you guaranteed income planning advice
You should look for an advisor that is willing to offer a free consultation with no obligation.
You should call me to arrange a confidential meeting. I have concrete solutions for your individual needs.  
One size does not fit all.
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Randall J Sevcik